Deferred Annuity Rates

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Deferred Annuity table
Company / Product Rate Yrs.
Delaware LifePinnacle MYGA 103.65%10
Guggenheim LifePreserve MYGA 9 Annuity3.30%9
Guggenheim LifePreserve MYGA 8 Annuity3.25%8
Delaware LifePinnacle MYGA 73.35%7
Guggenheim LifePreserve MYGA 6 Annuity3.10%6
Delaware LifePinnacle MYGA 53.00%5
Delaware LifePinnacle MYGA 32.00%3

Fixed Index Annuities

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Fixed Index Annuity table
Company / Product Bonus Cap Rate Yrs.
EquiTrustMarketTwelve Annuity12%3.50%14
Midland NationalCapstone 14 Annuity10%3.35%14
American EquityBonus Gold Annuity10%3.25%16
Midland NationalSelect 14 AnnuityN/A8.05%14
Security BenefitSecure Income Annuity8%3.25%10
SymetraSymetra Edge Pro 7N/A5.50%7
Protective LifeProtective Indexed Annuity 5N/A4.40%5

Secondary Market Annuities

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Secondary Market Annuity table
Company Rate Start Date Cost
Met Life5.522035-08-01$51,160
John Hancock5.192031-09-01$104,033
Berkshire Hathaway5.082030-03-25$52,801
Erie Family5.042030-03-07$23,535