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Allianz’s MasterDex 5 Plus Annuity is a Fixed Indexed annuity designed for growth (not for income withdrawals). You can allocate your money, once a year on the policy anniversary, between a guaranteed interest rate account and several benchmark stock index accounts.

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Q: What is the minimum premium I need to pay?

Q: Am I paid a bonus on my initial premium at sign-up?
A:Yes, 3% premium bonus on any premiums made in the first 5 years. In some states the bonus may differ.

Q: Can I pay additional premium later on?
A: Yes. A minimum of $25 each time.

Q:Are there any age restrictions?
A:Yes. You can purchase this annuity up to age 80. In some states the age requirements may differ.

Q:In which states is the MasterDex 5 available?
A:Allianz's Masterdex 5 annuity is available in all states except NY, OR, PR, and VI.

Q: Does this annuity have an income rider (for withdrawing income)?
A: Yes, the Income Plus Rider is available at an additional cost.
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Q:For how long are surrender charges in effect?
A:10 Years

Q:Does the MasterDex 5 annuity permit any withdrawals without penalties?
A: Yes, after the first contract year.

Q: What benchmark indices do the MasterDex 5 offer?
A:Allianz’s MasterDex 5 annuity offers three different indices into which you can allocate your premium. The current options are S&P 500, Nasdaq-100 and FTSE 100.

Q: What are the index account options?
A:Monthly Sum Cap, Monthly Average Spread, and Annual Point-to-Point.

Q: What is the Method for Crediting Interest or Gains?
A:Cap rates (see chart below)

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C51261 (9/2012)

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Allianz MasterDex 5 Plus Cap Rates Rates as of February 4, 2014
Premium Bonus 3%
Fixed Interest Account
Fixed Interest 1.40%
Monthly Sum Cap
Nasdaq-100 1.90%
S&P 500 1.90%
FTSE 100 2.00%
Annual Point-to-Point Cap
Nasdaq-100 3.25%
S&P 500 3.25%
FTSE 100 3.25%
Blended 3.25%
Monthly Average Spread
Blended 2.50%

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