North American Guarantee Choice 9 Annuity Review

north american guarantee choice 9

North American's Guarantee Choice 9 annuity is a fixed deferred annuity that provides compounded, tax-deferred growth. Your annuity will grow at a fixed interest rate that is determined at contract issue. North American also offers a 10 year rate guarantee, an 8 year rate guarantee, a 7 Year rate guarantee, a 6 Year rate guarantee, a 5 Year rate guarantee, a 4 Year rate guarantee, and a 3 year rate guarantee.

Guarantee Choice 9 Annuity Highlights:

Frequently Asked Questions About the Guarantee Choice 9 Annuity:

Q: Does the interest compound? A: Yes.

Q: Is the interest taxed? A: The interest you leave in the account grows tax-deferred until you withdraw it. That interest is not taxed within the annuity. This is an advantage over interest you earn on a bank CD which is taxed each year even if you leave it in the CD.

Q: Are there any fees? A: No. There are no upfront sales charges or ongoing maintenance fees.

Q: Is it FDIC insured? A: No. FDIC insurance is only for bank deposits. Fixed annuities are guaranteed by the issuing insurance company.

Q: What are the early surrender charges? A: The early surrender charges only apply to withdrawals which are greater than the penalty free amount. If surrender charges apply, they start at 9.30% and decline to 0% after the 9th year. The schedule is 9.30%, 8.40%, 7.50%, 6.60%, 5.70%, 4.75%, 3.80%, 2.85%, 1.90%.

Q: Are penalty-free withdrawals available? A: Yes. You can withdraw the cumulative interest earned after the first contract year without Surrender Charge or MVA.

Q: If I withdraw more than the penalty-free amount, will a Market Value Adjustment (MVA) be applied? A: Yes. You can read more about market value adjustments here.

Q: What happens after the initial 9 year rate guarantee period? A: You have a 30 day window to do whatever you want with the full cash value any penalties. You can remove all of it or let your cash balance roll over into a new 9 year rate guarantee period.

Q: What happens to the money in my account if I die? A: Your beneficiaries will receive the full account value.

Q: How do I apply? A: Start by calling 800-872-6684 or fill in the "Get My Free Quote" form in the upper right section of this page.

Q:What is the minimum premium I need to pay? A:$10,000.

Q:Are there any age restrictions? A:Yes. You can purchase this annuity up to age 90. In some states the age requirements may differ.

Q:In which states is the Guarantee Choice 9 available? A: The Guarantee Choice 9 annuity is not available in all states. Call 800-872-6684 to find out if it's available in your state.

To review the Guarantee Choice 9 annuity with an agent or to receive a free personalized illustration call 800-872-6684 or fill in the "Get My Free Quote" form in the upper right section of this page.

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