Pacific Life Expedition Annuity Review

It’s essential for you to choose a strong and stable company that can help you achieve your future income needs. For generations, individuals and their families have relied on the strength of Pacific Life to protect their financial security.

  • Pacific Life Insurance Company is organized under a mutual holding company structure and operates for the benefit of its policyholders and contract owners.
  • We have achieved ongoing recognition for high-quality service standards.
  • We offer products that address market environments during all stages of your life.
  • We maintain strong financial strength ratings from major independent rating agencies.

Prepare for a Secure Retirement

As you save for retirement, you may want a financial product that offers safety of principal and predictable growth.

Pacific Expedition, a deferred fixed annuity from Pacific Life, offers:

  • Tax deferral
  • A choice of initial guaranteed periods during which you receive a guaranteed interest rate
  • A one-time option to increase your guaranteed interest rate with RateAdvantage
  • Access to your money
  • Lifetime income
  • Beneficiary protection

85000-12A 5/12

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