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Lafayette Life is rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best.

Lafayette Life is rated AA- (Very Strong) by Fitch.

Lafayette Life is rated AA+ (Very Strong) by Standard & Poor’s.

Lafayette Life is a member of Western & Southern Financial Group, a family of financial services companies whose heritage dates back to 1888. The Lafayette Life Insurance Company has been standing strong for more than a century and is a member of one of the nine strongest life insurance groups in the world, based on Standard & Poor’s ratings.

Financial Strength

Established in 1905, Lafayette Life is built on a solid foundation of financial strength, quality products and service, and a commitment to excellence. Our financial strength is rigorously examined and evaluated by independent financial reporting agencies. In making their assessments, these agencies consider our financial integrity: the quality of our assets, the amount of funds we have in reserve, the vision and ability of our management team, and our efficiency in running our business. For the latest rating information on Lafayette Life, please call 1-866-YES-LLIC.


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We had heard about annuities and were investigating them for our IRAs. We also heard bad things about pushy brokers over the years. So when we went to the site we were skeptical about calling them. But whenever we called their staff was really friendly. They answered all our questions and one of their reps even told us that at our ages there was no advantage to buying the annuity with our IRAs. These guys are really honest!
Fred and Gloria Pollard
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A.M. Best

A.M. Best, the recognized authority on the financial strength of insurance companies, rates Lafayette Life A+ Superior, the second highest of 16 ratings for financial strength, operating performance, and market profile; held since June 2009.


Standard & Poor’s

Standard and Poor’s assigns financial strength ratings to life and health insurance companies. Lafayette Life has been assigned AA+ for Very Strong financial security characteristics, the second highest of 21 ratings; held since August 2005.



Fitch Credit Rating Company, a top analyst judging insurers’ financial strength, rates Lafayette Life AA for Very Strong insurer financial strength, the third highest of 21 ratings; held since June 2009.



The Comdex ranking is a composite of all the ratings that a company has received. Lafayette Life ranks 97 on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 100 (highest) in relationship to other companies that have been rated by the services. The Comdex is a mathematical ranking used to consolidate the above financial strength ratings, as each rating service uses a different scale.

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