More than $200 billion in new annuity purchases will be made this year in the United States alone! The online Annuity Museum celebrates the vital role that annuities have played in personal and public finance since antiquity.

Founded in 2004, the Annuity Museum has assembled the finest collections of antique documents and artifacts about annuities in the world. The mission of the museum is threefold: to preserve and display the rich cultural and economic impact of annuities on society; to foster scholarly research and encourage the study of annuities as a source of history about the cultures in which they evolved; and to assist museums and schools with exhibitions and publications about annuities. The museum allows visitors to learn about the history of annuities from their earliest origins in ancient Rome through the middle of the 20th century.

The Annuity Museum's offices are located at 8 Talmadge Drive, Monroe Township, New Jersey 08831 (USA). All the original documents and artifacts exhibited at this Web site are owned by the Annuity Museum and are available for viewing by appointment only. To schedule a visit, call 732-521-5110 (USA, eastern time zone).