Paying Indian Annuities - Harper's Weekly.

" The illustration engraved from sketches by our special artist on the Plains, represent several scenes incident to a gathering of Indians at one of our border settlements to receive their annuity. These are great occasions with the tribes. The annuity amounts to one dollar in silver for each Indian, besides presents of calico, blankets, and cheap trinkets.

At one of the frontier stations where payments are made '? that at Odanah, on the Indian Reservation '? about four hundred of the natives have formed a sort of agricultural community under the direction of a farmer who is appointed by the government.

The sketch shows the Indians gathered around the pay-table to receive their annuities. As each one steps up to take his money and presents, the interpreter writes a receipt for him. The recipient touches the pen with his left hand, while receiving his allotment in the right."