Received this 29 Day of February 1876 of Mrs. Catherine Mary Hindell widow and Fred Bimmer Hindell the Sum of Four Hundred and Fifteen Pounds being the Consideration for Four Hundred and Forty one pounds Eighteen Shillings and one penny. Interest or Share in the Joint Stock of Three per Cent. Annuities, erected by an Act of Parliament of the 25th Year of the Reign of King GEORGE II. entitled, an Act for converting the several Annuities, therein mentioned, into several Joint Stocks of Annuities, transferable at the BANK of ENGLAND, to be charged on the Sinking Fund; and by several subsequent Acts, together with the Proportional Annuity at 3 per Cent. per Annum, attending the same, by Niga this Day transferred to the said Mrs. Catherine Mary Hindell widow & Fred Bimmer Hindell