Annuity under the Will of John Hewetson Brown (died 7th Aug 1898). Name of Annuitant: Dora E. Brown. Amount of Duty as Assessed at 3 per cent.,?19 pounds"17"-. (Capital 662 pounds"1"3). 3rd Instalment thereof due 7 Augt 1901: 4 pounds"19"3. Capital 165 pounds"10"4). Interest, 5 pence. Total?4 pounds"19"8. Rate of Estate Duty paid in this case: 5%. Ditto Sett. Est. Duty: -%. Interest at the rate of Three Pounds per Centum per Annum is payable in all cases from the time when each instalment falls due (59 and 60 Vict., cap. 28, sect. 18). (Comptrol No. 30354 Receipt for Duty. Received the 7th day of October 1901 the Sum of Four pounds 19/8 being the Amount mentioned in the above Assessment.