Letter written during the French Revolution regarding annuities.

"I see, Citizen, by the silence you observe, that you are left with fears about the use of 5,000 pounds that I see myself forced to refund to you for your own benefit, since for the next 30 years you perhaps would not have any growth to hope for; consequently, I have here a directive/statement which I believe will fulfill your ______, in that the administrators of the establishment only use the funds of the shareholders to buy national properties of first origin: moreover, there are other funds of this type open at this time, I want to speak about the "Social _________," whose offices are at #17 Victory Square, and about the "Civic-Controlled _________," whose offices are on Mall Street, House of "Roulage." The official notices announce, at last, a loan from the smallest sum up to four million, and what's more, with all guarantees either by mortgage or by lien on real estate in good yield; each sum can be refundable at will or with 6 months advance notice or on a fixed due-date as long as one would like.; or can also be treated by advance payment on the funds _________. The information about this loan is at the house of _________, #40 Eustache Street, whom it is necessary to contact, preferably in writing, by sending your address by mail. As it presents a great many advantages, under the present circumstance, I did not hesitate to indicate it to you _________ to take in this regard all the information that caution requires. Your fellow Citizen, # 762 ____ Street...Boulevard. ... find me at my house every day until 8:30 in the morning and in the afternoons from 2-4:00; by letting me know one day in advance I will leave at my house the necessary funds; so, you will be able to present yourself there at any hour."