Letter regarding annuity to Mrs. Brigit Wilson, Waterford.

"My dear Mrs. Wilson, As my friend Mr. St Leger will either be going or sending to Waterford about the 27th first I send you enclosed my Receipt for March sale of annuity + will feel very much obliged by your sending me your Receipt to Mr. Tobias Wilson, of course I will allow 3 months discount to him + whatever may be for poor Rate - I intended to send you a paper with account of the Temperance Procession Easter Money but the papers have not reported, this has been an idle day Dan Harry gone to the Kilkenny Banquet - If Mr. Knowles has not yet left Waterford I wish you would ask him for M Poe's address for I did not meet him since I came I shall send you the Portraits of Dan and the Queen the first opportunity, I think...Maria and Hannah join me in sincere regards to you the Misses Wilson Helier.
My dear Mrs. Wilson
Yours most sincerely
PS I hope you hear lately from yr Son? I would send you a stamp for Mr. Wilson's receipt (to save time and trouble) but I don't know the amount. "