A letter from Thomas Moore. Dated 1753-06-09 (40050) (more)

Letter regarding annuity to Gilbert Jones, Esq. Dated 1811-03-28 (40035) (more)

Letter Regarding Annuities from Joseph Griffin on behalf of Elizabeth Adler. Dated 1825-08-22 (40001) (more)

Letter Regarding Annuity from HHH Hungerford, Esq. from the Cocoa Tree, London. Dated 1830-05-05 (40029) (more)

Letter to Sir Robert Peel Concerning Annual Annuity Dividends. Dated 1831-05-20 (40040) (more)

Letter from T. Frelingheyser to Gen. Peter Stryker. Dated 1845-Jan-21 (40051) (more)

Letter regarding annuity to Mrs. Brigit Wilson, Waterford. Dated 1845-03-26 (40038) (more)

Notice Regarding Annuities to the Members of the Scottish Widows Assurance Society. Dated 1853-12-8 (40048) (more)

Income list of William Dawson, Esq. of Linlithgow, Scotland. Dated 1870 (40003) (more)

Letter from the Girard Life Insurance Annuity & Trust Co. of Philadelphia. Dated 1884-01-14 (40008) (more)

Supreme Lodge of the American Annuity Association Letter to J. H. Everest. Dated 1902-04-30 (40046) (more)

Letter from T.C. Calliot to Rober Lansing about payments from the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Dated 1918-01-27 (40049) (more)