An Act to transfer the Management of certain Annuities. Enacted 1838-07-27 (20111) (more)

An Act to settle an Annuity on Lord Keane. Enacted 1841-Mar-30 (20131) (more)

An Act for...regulating the Allowance to be paid for the Management of the South Sea Stock and Annuities. Enacted 1844-08-09 (20082) (more)

An Act to authorize...the Regulation of the Annuities...of the Naval Medical Supplemental Fund Society. Enacted 1848-08-14 (20083) (more)

An Act for raising the Sum of Two Millions by Exchequer Bills, or by the Creation of Annuities. Enacted 1848-09-05 (20112) (more)

An Act for the better Protection of Purchasers against...Life Annuities or Rentcharges. Enacted 1855-04-26 (20113) (more)

An Act for funding Exchequer Bills and raising Money by way of Annuities. Enacted 1856-03-07 (20114) (more)

An Act for raising Five Millions by way of Annuities. Enacted 1856-03-07 (20115) (more)

An Act for raising the further Sum of Five Millions by the way of Annuities. Enacted 1856-Jun-05 (20133) (more)

An Act...for the Redemption of certain Annuities charged on Branches of the gross Revenue. Enacted 1856-07-07 (20116) (more)

An increase the Facilities for the Transfer of Stocks and Annuities. Enacted 1861-Mar-22 (20132) (more)

An regulate the Appropriation and Application of the Annuity of Two thousand five hundred Pounds. Enacted 1861-Aug-06 (20134) (more)

An Act to enable Her Majesty to provide for the Support and Maintenance of His Royal Highness Prince Alfred Ernest Albert. Enacted 1866-03-23 (20049) (more)

An Act to facilitate the payment of certain annuities for life or years. Enacted 1873-Jul-21 (20135) (more)

An settle an annuity on Her Imperial Highness. Enacted 1873-Aug-05 (20136) (more)

Caledonian Railway (Guaranteed Annuities Stock) Act, 1880. Enacted 1880-08-02 (20062) (more)