An Act for Raising Nine hundred and ten thousand Pounds for Publick Services, by Sale of Annuities. Enacted 1714-03-17 (20087) (more)

An Act for...limiting a Time for Persons who have certain Annuities for Life or Lives, to Demand the Payments. Enacted 1714-03-17 (20088) (more)

An Act for...Enlarging the time for Entring at the Exchequer such Assignments of Reversionary Annuities. Enacted 1714-03-17 (20089) (more)

An Act for raising a Sum not exceeding Five hundred thousand Pounds, by charging Annuities. Enacted 1714-03-17 (20090) (more)

An Act for the converting a further Part of the Capital Stock of the South Sea Company into Annuities. Enacted 1722-01-23 (20012) (more)

An Act for Redeeming certain Annuities after the Rate of Five Pounds per Centum per Annum. Enacted 1722-10-09 (20091) (more)

An Act for Redeeming the Annuities of Twenty five thousand Pounds per Annum. Enacted 1722-10-09 (20092) (more)