Today's Best Deferred Income Annuities

Scan today's updated lists of deferred income annuities. These lists are sorted by AGE AT START DATE AND AGE WHEN PAYMENTS BEGIN. In general, annuities with earlier start dates offer lower returns ($17,598) than those with later start dates ($125,072). We update these lists monthly. Please bookmark this page and come back to it often.

Q:What is a Deferred Income Annuity?

Deferred income annuities, also commonly referred to as longevity annuities, provide contract owners with a guaranteed future income stream that begins at a pre-determined later date. For example, a 40 year old preparing for their retirement could deposit premium with the intention of beginning withdrawals at 59 ½.

Q: Can I deposit premiums into a DIA contract over time?

Premiums can be placed into DIA contracts in a lump-sum or over time (flexible premium purchase). While most DIA’s offer both premium options, it is important to read your policy’s prospectus prior to depositing funds.

Q: How will my income be paid?

The most commonly chosen DIA income payment option is lifetime; guaranteed level income payments over the duration of the contract owner’s lifetime. However, some contracts offer joint-life, period certain, installment and cash-refund income payment options. Joint-life income benefits are payable to the contract owner and the named survivor. Period certain payments offer guaranteed income payments over a specified period of time (i.e. 5 years, 10 years, and 15 years). If the contract owner dies during their specified income period, remaining income payments will be paid to the named beneficiary(ies).

Q: How is my monthly income payment calculated?

The income payments are determined based upon current interest rates, the age of the contract owner, the expected life expectancy, the amount of premium deposited, the length of the deferral period and income options chosen.

Q: How will rising inflation impact my income payments over time?

Most annuity contracts offer inflation protection as an additional rider chosen at the time of application, causing your income payments to increase at a set rate annually (2%, 3%, 4%, etc.). Inflation protection protects a contract owner’s buying power.

Q: What happens to my premium if I die before I receive any payments?

The answer to this question is, ‘it depends’. Most DIAs offer an optional death benefit rider which pays either a lump-sum return of the initial premium or sometimes a lump sum return of your initial premium plus interest (as high as 3.00% for each year your annuity was in deferral) to your named beneficiaries upon your premature death. In most cases, if you don’t add this rider to your base contract, you forfeit your premiums in the event of your premature death.

Q: Can I modify when my income payments begin?

Most annuity contracts require you to choose the date whereby your income stream will begin at the time of application. However, some contracts do provide some flexibility following contract issuance. If you move your income payment date forward, the income payment amount would likely decrease. And, if you move your income payment date backward, the amount would likely increase.

Q: In the event of an unforeseen emergency, can I access my capital or income?

In the event you experience extreme hardship, you may be able to access a number of advanced income payments. Be sure to check with your contract’s provisions to determine what options may be available to you.

Q: Are Deferred Income Annuities Safe Investment?

Premiums placed into DIAs are guaranteed by the underlying insurance company. Rating agencies such as A.M. Best, Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s provide ratings to potential policy holders. Companies with higher ratings are deemed more financially secure than those with lower ratings. Insurance companies must maintain sufficient cash reserves to cover claims as laid out by state guaranty associations. Should the insurance company fail financially, additional coverage is provided to contract owners by state guaranty associations.

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Deferred Income Annuity ("Longevity" Annuity) Male Rates (As of April 10, 2014)
A $100,000 Annuity Purchased at Age... Will Pay The Following Dollar Amount Annually For Life Starting...
Immediately Age 65 Age 70 Age 75 Age 80 Age 85
45 $5,084 $16,781 $24,558 $38,369 $65,508 $129,126
50 $5,344 $14,038 $19,961 $31,187 $53,246 $104,956
55 $5,672 $10,910 $16,364 $25,193 $43,431 $86,018
60 $6,112 $8,428 $12,722 $20,399 $35,891 $72,858
65 $6,676   $9,800 $16,021 $28,564 $59,424
70 $7,644     $11,996 $21,865 $46,226
75 $9,088       $15,693 $30,043
Deferred Income Annuity ("Longevity" Annuity) Female Rates (As of April 10, 2014)
A $100,000 Annuity Purchased at Age... Will Pay The Following Dollar Amount Annually For Life Starting...
Immediately Age 65 Age 70 Age 75 Age 80 Age 85
45 $4,942 $15,721 $21,849 $33,382 $55,500 $104,906
50 $5,178 $12,800 $17,889 $27,332 $45,441 $85,892
55 $5,438 $10,128 $14,785 $22,139 $36,795 $69,525
60 $5,864 $7,954 $11,630 $17,829 $29,636 $55,976
65 $6,368   $9,158 $14,235 $23,895 $45,228
70 $7,165     $10,918 $18,644 $35,801
75 $8,350       $13,612 $26,402

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