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Just as the world continues to change and grow, EquiTrust Life Insurance Company ® remains in motion. We’re dedicated to providing you with new financial ideas to help meet your specific needs. And we do it all by standing true to our principles and offering the integrity you look for in an insurance company.

A Name You Can Trust

As you invest in your future and plan for long-term financial security, you look to a name you can trust. And when you’re searching for a company that demonstrates integrity, strength and innovation – one that can help you meet your financial objectives – look no further than EquiTrust Life Insurance Company. We put you first.

Guggenheim Partners provides portfolio management for EquiTrust Life. Guggenheim Partners is a global, privately held, diversified financial services firm with over $200 billion in assets under management. Headquartered in New York and Chicago, Guggenheim Partners provides investment management, investment banking, capital market services, insurance, institutional finance and investment advisory services.

Financial Highlights

EquiTrust Life’s investment strategies are anchored by a disciplined and diversified management style. The strength and success of our portfolio are evidence of our proficiency in the investment industry.

Since 2004, EquiTrust Life’s total invested assets have increased from $2.8 billion to $12.6 billion1 at year end.

EquiTrust Life’s investment portfolio provides the company with liquidity and income – and has increased steadily. Over 76% of the portfolio is made up of bonds, mortgages and cash.

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We had heard about annuities and were investigating them for our IRAs. We also heard bad things about pushy brokers over the years. So when we went to the ImmediateAnnuities.com site we were skeptical about calling them. But whenever we called their staff was really friendly. They answered all our questions and one of their reps even told us that at our ages there was no advantage to buying the annuity with our IRAs. These guys are really honest!
Fred and Gloria Pollard
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A strong concentration of investment-grade holdings provides assurance that the guarantees associated with EquiTrust products are honored. Over 92% of the investment portfolio is investment grade.

Company Solvency

Our solvency ratio is strong – now $107.19. The Solvency Ratio expresses financial soundness and a company’s ability to meet policy obligations as they come due. Assets divided by each $100 in liabilities result in a solvency ratio, expressed as a dollar figure. Assets are bonds, stocks, cash and short-term investments; liabilities exclude separate accounts. The higher the amount, the stronger the company’s position to cover unforeseen emergency cash requirements.

Capital Strength

EquiTrust Life is committed to meeting the financial obligations of our customers. Our goal is to be well capitalized through a range of economic scenarios, including prolonged downturns. Based on capital standards closely watched by insurance-industry regulators, EquiTrust Life is strongly capitalized and well positioned to fulfill our promises to our customers.

Company Ratings

Based on its financial strength, EquiTrust Life has been awarded high marks by leading sources of insurer ratings.

The ratings reflect current independent opinions of the Company’s financial capacity to meet the obligations of its insurance policies and contracts. They are based on quantitative and qualitative evaluations of EquiTrust Life and its management strategy.

We’re Ready When You Are

You can rest assured that our service to you will be prompt, fair, reliable and accurate. We take pride in our responsiveness and our dedication to offering products and services that help meet your changing financial needs and objectives. EquiTrust Life is here for you. Because you know where you’re going, and it’s our job to help you get there.

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