Insurance Company Ratings

This is a summary of information found at the insurance companies' web sites. Please visit the companies' web sites or the rating agencies' web sites for further details. This is not to be considered a recommendation or inducement to purchase an annuity nor a contract or offer to contract. You should consult with your own financial planner or tax advisor to determine whether an annuity is suitable to your financial situation.

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Insurance Company Customer Service Major Rating Agencies
A.M.Best S & P Moody's
Allianz LIC of No. Amer. (800) 950-7372 A AA A2
American Equity LIC (888) 221-1234 A- BBB+ -
American General LIC Affiliate of AIG (800) 231-3655 A A+ A2
American National (800) 252-9546 A A -
Delaware Life Affiliate ofSun Life Assurance Co. of CA (US) (877) 253-2323 A- BBB Baa2
EquiTrust LIC (866) 598-3692 B++ BBB+ -
Fidelity & Guaranty (800) 357-8734 B++ BBB- Baa3
Fidelity & Guaranty NY (only available to residents of NYS) (800) 357-8734 B++ BBB- Baa3
First MetLife Inv. IC Affiliate of MetLife Investors (only available to residents of NYS) (866) 654-6249 A+ AA- -
First Symetra National Life Ins. of NY (only available to residents of NYS) (800) 599-5732 A A -
Genworth Life Insurance Co. (800) 554-6843 A- BBB- Baa1
Genworth Life NY (only available to residents of NYS) (800) 554-6843 A- BBB- Baa1
Great American LIC (800) 854-3649 A A+ A2
Guardian Insurance & Annuity Co. (800) 650-6505 A++ AA+ Aa2
Guggenheim Life and Annuity Co. (800) 990-7626 B++ - -
Integrity LIC Affiliate of Western & Southern (800) 804-4465 A+ AA -
Jackson National (800) 711-5653 A+ AA A1
Kansas City Life (800) 572-2467 A -- --
Lafayette Life Affiliate of Western & Southern (800) 443-8793 A+ AA+ -
MassMutual Financial Group (800) 272-2216 A++ AA+ Aa2
MetLife Ins. Co. USA Affiliate of Metropolitan Life (866) 654-6249 A+ AA- Aa3
Metropolitan LIC (MetLife) (866) 654-6249 A+ AA- Aa3
Midland National Life Affiliate of Sammons Financial (877) 586-0244 A+ A+ -
Minnesota Life (800) 643-5728 A+ A+ Aa3
Nat'l Integrity LIC Affiliate of Western & Southern (only available to residents of NYS) (800) 804-4465 A+ AA -
Nationwide (800) 321-6064 A+ A+ A1
New York Life (800) 762-6212 A++ AA+ Aaa
North American Company for Life and Health Affiliate of Sammons Financial (866) 322-7069 A+ A+ -
Pacific Life & Annuity Co. (800) 722-2333 A+ A+ A1
Penn Mutual (800) 523-0650 A+ AA- Aa3
Principal Life Insurance Co. (866) 321-9648 A+ A+ A1
Protective Life (800) 456-6330 A+ AA- A2
Sentinel Security Life (800) 247-1423 B++ - -
The Standard Insurance Co. (800) 378-4578 A A+ A2
Symetra (800) 599-5732 A A A3
United of Omaha Affiliate of Mutual of Omaha (800) 646-7592 A+ A+ A1
United States Life Affiliate of AIG (only available to residents of NYS) (888) 438-6933 A A+ A2
Voya Insurance & Annuity Co. Formerly ING USA Annuity & LIC (800) 369-5303 A A A3
West Coast LIC (800) 456-6330 A+ AA- A2

How to Read Annuity Company Ratings

There are many things to consider when shopping for an annuity but one of the most important is the strength of the insurance company that stands behind it. There are currently over 2,000 insurance companies in the U.S that issue annuities so finding the one that will best meet your needs can be a challenge.

Researching the market is a great way to narrow down the list. We can help you with that. Our annuity rates and quotes section allows you to check annuity rates, get annuity quotes and more importantly, investigate insurance company ratings.

The letter ratings you see next to the company name is a opinion issued by one of the rating agencies which rank annuity and life insurance companies. While these insurance company ratings can be extremely helpful, you have to know what they mean before you can decide which insurer you can trust with your money.

Who Are These Rating Companies?

Currently there are three major rating agencies that rate the financial strength of the various insurance companies. A.M. Best is the one that shows up most often when comparing annuity quotes.

A.M. Best

Alfred M. Best founded A.M. Best in 1899. He had been working in the insurance industry since the age of 15, which gave him the expertise to run a company that issued reports on insurance companies. In 1906, the company started issuing insurance company ratings. A.M. Best does not offer guarantees with their ratings but they have been recognized as the leading rating agency in the marketplace.

When issuing a rating, A.M. Best examines an insurer's management, operating performance, as well as their balance sheet to get an overall picture of their financial strength. It then issues a report detailing what they discovered. These reports can be cumbersome to read so to make it easier for people to understand they also issue a letter grade.

Moody’s and S&P

The other two rating agencies are Moody’s and S&P. Insurers may not be rated by all three rating agencies as they must request and pay for these ratings. These two rating agencies assign letter grades as well.

Researching Complaints Against Insurers

Customer service is important with annuities, you want to be sure the phone will be answered when you have questions about your retirement income. Insurers are regulated by the state in which you reside so check your state insurance commissioners' site for complaint reports on any insurers you are considering.

Best's Credit Ratings reproduced herein appear under license from A.M. Best and do not constitute, either expressly or impliedly, an endorsement of (Licensee's publication or service) or its recommendations, formulas, criteria or comparisons to any other ratings, rating scales or rating organizations which are published or referenced herein. A.M. Best is not responsible for transcription errors made in presenting Best's Credit Ratings. Best's Credit Ratings are proprietary and may not be reproduced or distributed without the express written permission of A.M. Best Company.

A Best's Financial Strength Rating opinion addresses the relative ability of an insurer to meet its ongoing insurance obligations. It is not a warranty of a company's financial strength and ability to meet its obligations to policyholders. View our Important Notice: Best's Credit Ratings for a disclaimer notice and complete details at

Rating Categories
Rank A.M. Best Standard & Poor's Moody's
1 A++
Secure / Superior
Extremely Strong
2 A+
Secure / Superior
Very Strong
Aa1, Aa2, Aa3
3 A
Secure / Excellent
Very Strong
A1, A2, A3
4 A-
Secure / Excellent
Very Strong
Baa1, Baa2, Baa3
5 B++
Secure / Very Good
Ba1, Ba2, Ba3
6 B+
Secure / Good
B1, B2, B3
7 B
Vulnerable / Fair
Very Poor
8 B-
Vulnerable / Fair
Extremely Poor
9 C++
Vulnerable / Marginal
10 C+
Vulnerable / Marginal
11 C
Vulnerable / Weak
12 C-
Vulnerable / Weak
13 D
Vulnerable / Poor
14 E
Vulnerable / Under State Supervision
15 F
Vulnerable / In Liquidation
16 S
Rating Suspended
17 NR CCC+
Very Weak
Very Weak
19 NR CCC-
Very Weak
20 NR CC
Extremely Weak
21 NR R
Regulatory Action

For details on each rating agency's methodology click the agency name link at the top of each column.