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You can trust New York Life to deliver on its annuity promises.

You’ve earned your lifestyle over the years. Our goal is to help you maintain your lifestyle for many more years to come.

That’s why we’ve partnered with New York Life to ensure our clients can retire with enough money to live out their lives in comfort. We believe in the annuities sold by Nationwide Life, and as agents for them we can help to make your annuity purchase as easy as possible.

Here’s What You Should Know About Your New York Life Quote

  • Your quote is guaranteed for 14 days
  • To lock in the quote requires the completion of a written application
  • Your application must be received by New York Life before your quote expires
  • You can extend the guarantee period of your quote for up to 60 days if you are transferring savings from an IRA or 401k to the annuity. This is called a rate lock.

To make sure you receive the absolute best quote tailored to your lifestyle needs and current savings, we recommend a call to our customer service team at 800-872-6684 to discuss your options.

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I bought two annuities this year and was extremely satisfied with the service from Immediate each time. In short, their staff was courteous, professional, and prompt. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to buy an annuity.
Christine Newson
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“I Would Like to Lock In My Quote As Soon as Possible”

If you’re ready to apply, call us at 800-872-6684. The very first step to locking in your quote is to submit an application to New York Life. Here’s how we assist you:

  • We’ll go through a brief phone questionnaire with you to pre-fill your application.
  • You’ll receive your paperwork the next day to review and sign.
  • We’ll include a prepaid overnight envelope to return your application to us for maximum safety and speed.

And that’s all there is to it! The truly hard part of any annuity is learning about what they are and how they benefit you. We try to make finding and implementing your annuity easy and worry free.

Don't wait for your quote to expire. Call us today at 800-872-6684, and discover financial freedom tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Annuity Questions

+How do I pay for my annuity?

The money you pay for an annuity is called the premium. The premium can be paid in several ways:

By Check: You can send a personal check payable to New York Life. Your check would include your name in the memo section ("For Benefit Of ______") to ensure it is credited to your account. You do not need to send a cashiers' check or a certified check.

By Company-Directed Transfer from a 401k, IRA, bank CD, or existing annuity: If your premium is currently with another company, we'll include Transfer paperwork with your application so New York Life can request the premium be sent to it directly.

+Are there any extra fees or commissions?

No, the premium amount on your quote is the total cost to receive the stated income. There are no other fees or deductions. We are paid a commission by New York Life to represent them. This commission has already been figured into the quotes you received.

We represent over 25 top-rated insurance companies to bring you the best annuity rates, and our service is free to you!

+How do I get my annuity policy?

After New York Life receives your application and funding, it starts to underwrite your policy. New York Life usually takes about two weeks to review your application and set up your account. Our friendly customer service team will call you or email you with regular updates at each stage of the policy issue process.

Once the underwriting is completed, an annuity policy (also called an annuity contract) is sent to our offices to review for accuracy. If everything is correct, we’ll overnight it to you for your acceptance.

After you review the contract, if you’re satisfied with what you see, sign the delivery receipt and return it in the enclosed postage-paid envelope. Your annuity is then active and you will begin receiving your guaranteed income!

+Can I cancel my annuity?

Yes. By state law, you have a “free look” period during which you are allowed to change your mind and cancel your annuity contract for a 100% no-questions-asked refund. The length of this “free look” period is at least 10 days and in some states it's up to 30 days.

+How do I receive my monthly payments?

On your application you can elect to receive automatic EFT deposits. Your income payments will be deposited into your bank account via electronic funds transfer. Otherwise, a check will be mailed to your street address.

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