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Written by Hersh Stern Updated Tuesday, April 30, 2024

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If you are on the lookout for a major international health insurance policy that is both renewable annually and for the long-term, then the right international health insurance coverage is what you need. A cover that is open to groups, families and individuals. Citizens of the U.S. who reside abroad, and those non-U.S.citizens who reside elsewhere in the world could buy this international health insurance plan. For example international medical insurance plans such as Global Medical Insurance, Reside Prime Worldwide, and International Citizen are worth a look so that you may decide on the right choice of an international health insurance cover.

Every year, when thousands of people travel outside their Home Countries, they are in effect, moving beyond the limits of their domestic medical insurance covers. Naturally, they would be concerned about certain out-of-pocket costs that could be incurred on account of an injury or sickness while abroad. Liaison International, for example, provides you with an international health insurance policy that includes both medical cover and emergency services to such families.

Tips to Remember Before Traveling Abroad

  • In the event of a U.S. citizen falling seriously ill or getting injured abroad, the assistance of a U.S. Consular officer in arranging for appropriate medical care and for informing family members, is available. Also, and if necessary, the consular officer can also help transfer funds from the U.S. Please note, however, that it is the responsibility of the injured/sick traveler to bear the hospital costs and any other expenses.
  • Before traveling abroad, find out the extent of your medical cover overseas. If your health insurance plan does provide for medical cover outside the U.S., please remember to always carry proof of this insurance-such as your insurance plan identity card- and a claim form as well. Though a good number of health insurance firms do pay customary and reasonable medical and hospital costs abroad, only a few would cover the expenses of your medical evacuation to the U.S.
  • If you happen to be a US citizen living abroad, traditional U.S. private health insurance covers would not be adequate. On account of common geographic compulsions and provider limitations, the cover available to you while outside of the U.S., would be greatly restricted, and in some cases, eliminated.
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  • At the same time your eligibility for participating in the government sponsored health insurance plans in the country where you are currently residing, is doubtful. In the event of you becoming gravely ill, you may also desire access to medical and healthcare in other countries- the U.S. included.
  • Non-U.S.citizens could also require an international health insurance policy as a supplement to their government sponsored policy, or also for providing health insurance coverage while outside their home country.
  • As you cross the boundaries of your own home country and travel abroad, the international health insurance coverage that you opt for should also know no boundaries. For instance, the International Citizen Series Health Plan allows for a major, portable, and comprehensive international health insurance coverage that is annually renewable and extends to individuals/families.
  • Health insurance coverage is available for both citizens of the U.S. overseas, and also for non-U.S.citizens anywhere in the world, the U.S.included.

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