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Oceanview Harbourview MYGA 6 Annuity

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4.8% Annual Rate

  • 6 Years Surrender Fee Period (Duration).
  • Rate Differs in the Following States: CA (4.65%)
  • Tax-Deferred, Compound Interest
  • No Stock Market Exposure
  • Penalty Free Withdrawals Available
  • No Loads, Fees, or Sales Charges
  • Not Available in the Following States: CT, NC, NY, VT
  • Maximum Age at Issue (Purchase) is 89
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  • Company Logo
  • A-
    A.M. Best Rating
  • $3.7B
    in assets
  • $308M
    Capital & Surplus
Here are our top 6-year MYGAs to consider:
Company LogoOceanview
Harbourview 6
A- $80,000 **4.80%
Company LogoAtlantic Coast Life
Safe Haven 6
B++ $5,000 *4.67%
Company LogoOxford Life
Multi-Select 6
A $20,000 4.55%
Company LogoAmerico
Platinum Assure Series 6
A $20,000 4.45%
Company LogoNew York Life
Secure Term MVA II 6
A++ $100,000 3.75%
Company LogoThe United States Life Ins. Co.
SolutionsMYG 6
A $10,000 3.00%
Company LogoAmerican General
VisionMYG 6
A $100,000 4.00%

* Effective yield displayed. First year rate is higher than subsequent years.
** Rate may be lower in certain states.

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