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Planning for and creating retirement income isn’t something you can leave to chance. You need income you can count on from an insurance company you can trust.

Now you can take control of your retirement income and design your retirement plan on your terms. With a Lincoln Deferred Income Solutions (DIS) Annuity, you can decide when and how you’re going to receive your income.

Why Do You Need To Design Your Income Plan?

25% of retirees say they had to take more than planned from their savings and investments to pay for basic expenses.

Will You Be Ready?

47% of retirees leave the workforce earlier than they had planned.

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Why Invest With Lincoln?

Because your income provider matters.

Designing your retirement means selecting an insurance company that you can feel confident about when it’s time to retire and begin taking income. Lincoln Financial has been helping investors prepare for their for financial futures since 1905, and has the strength and durability you can count on.

The Lincoln Difference


We develop products and solutions by understanding your changing needs.


Our strength as a company allows us to remain committed to the clients we serve — now and in the future.


Lincoln has long been distinguished by a steady approach — deliberate decisions that consider the long-term economic environment.

Lincoln Deferred Income Solutions Annuity

Lincoln DIS Annuity is a flexible premium deferred income annuity that provides future income while giving you the flexibility to determine when and how you take it.

1. Choose your income start date.

2. Choose your income payout option and payment frequency.

3.Enjoy knowing that your income payments are guaranteed for the time period you selected by a company with a 100+ year history.

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I was hesitant at first to buy an annuity on the internet. Once I got your quote report and read your reviews I was happy I found your website. Your phone reps were always very helpful. You made the whole thing go really simple. Thank you guys!
Joe Murphy
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Design Your Income

Choose how long to defer your income

You can select a date to begin receiving income anywhere from 13 months to 40 years in the future (up to age 85 for non-qualified money or 70½ for qualified money). If your needs change before you begin receiving income, Lincoln DIS Annuity gives you a onetime option (not available with all payment options) to change your date. Restrictions and state variations apply.

Additional premiums for additional income

Your income needs may increase over time. Because this is a flexible premium product, you can make additional payments up until 13 months prior to your income start date, which may help meet your new income goal.

Coverage for an emergency

Retirement takes careful planning, but unexpected expenses are a part of life. If you need extra money for an emergency or to cover an unplanned expense while receiving income from your Lincoln DIS Annuity, you can accelerate six monthly payments into a single payment. You can do this up to three times as needed (restrictions apply).

Income to meet your needs

You can select from various payout options which, depending on the one you choose, can provide income for a certain period of time, for your lifetime, or for the lifetime of both annuitants (under a joint contract). Some options feature a Return of Premium death benefit during the deferral phase. This means if you were to pass away before your income payments begin, the original premium would be paid to your beneficiaries. You can elect to receive income payments on a monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual basis.

Help manage the impact of inflation

To help deal with the effect of inflation on your income payments, you can select an annual compounded increase option of 1%– 4% when you purchase a Lincoln DIS Annuity. The increase applies after the first anniversary of the payment start date and will decrease the initial scheduled payment amount.

Annuity Payout Options

Return of Premium Options

These options feature a Return of Premium death benefit during the deferral or payout phases.

Life with Period Certain. Receive payments for your lifetime or a designated period, whichever is longer.

Life with Cash Refund. The annuitant receives payments until death. If income payments have not depleted your total premium amount at death, the difference will be paid to your beneficiaries as a lump sum.

Life with Installment Refund. Lifetime payments continue until the death of the annuitant. If income payments have not depleted your total premium amount at death, the difference will be paid to your beneficiaries in scheduled payments.

Joint and Survivor Life with Period Certain. Lifetime payments continue for both lives or a designated period, whichever is longer.

Period Certain. The annuitant receives payments for a designated period of time. In the event of the death of the annuitant, payments continue to the beneficiaries for the duration of the time period chosen.

Income Only Options

These options do not offer a Return of Premium death benefit.

Life Only. Receive guaranteed income payments for the rest of your life.

Joint and Survivor Life. Receive payments for the lifetime of both annuitants

Joint and Percentage to Survivor Life. Full payments continue until the first death and then a selected percentage of the original income is paid until the second death.

Contingent Joint and Percentage to Survivor Life. Full payments continue for the lifetime of the primary annuitant, or if that person dies, a percentage of payments are paid until the joint annuitant’s death.

Work with your financial advisor to discuss any legacy plans or concerns you may have and to learn which payout option may be right for you.

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