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prudential surepath income

The Prudential Surepath Income annuity is a Fixed Indexed annuity designed for growth with an income rider.

Surepath Income Annuity Highlights:

  • This annuity offers penalty-free interest withdrawals.
  • There are no fees, loads, or sales charges.
  • Participate in stock market gains without any downside risk.
  • Fixed indexed annuity primarily meant for income.
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Surepath Annuity Interest Rates
Index Strategy Cap Rates Participation Rates
S&P 500 Annual Point to Point 5% N/A
Annual Point to Point N/A 30%
3 Year Point to Point 20% N/A
3 Year Point to Point N/A 40%
MSCI EAFE Annual Point to Point 5% N/A
Annual Point to Point N/A 30%
3 Year Point to Point 20% N/A
3 Year Point to Point N/A 40%
Goldman Sachs Voyager Index Annual Point to Point N/A 125%
3 Year Point to Point N/A 155%
Declared Rate = 3.00%

Frequently Asked Questions About the SurePath Income Annuity:

Q: What is the minimum premium I need to pay?
A: $25,000

Q: Am I paid a bonus on my initial premium at sign-up?
A: Yes, there is a 10% bonsu to the income base at purchase.

Q: Can I pay additional premium later on?
A: No. This is a single premium annuity.

Q: Are there any age restrictions?
A: Yes. You must be at least 45 to purchsae this product, and you can purchase this annuity up to age 85. In some states the age requirements may differ.

Q: In which states is the SurePath Income annuity available?
A: The SurePath Income annuity is not available in all states. Call 800-872-6684 to find out if it's available in your state.

Q: Does this annuity have an income rider (for withdrawing income)?
A: Yes. This rider is mandatory, although there are no fees or charges for having it on the policy.

Q: For how long are surrender charges in effect?
A: 10 Years

Q: Does the SurePath Income annuity permit any withdrawals without penalties?
A: Yes. Up to 10% in each contract year.

Q: What benchmark indices do the Edge Elite 5 annuity offer?
A: S&P 500, MSCI EAFE, Goldman Sachs Voyager Index

Q: What are the index account options?
A: Annual Point-to-Point, 3 Year Point-to-Point.

Q: What is the Method for Crediting Interest or Gains?
A: Cap rates, participation rates.

To review the SurePath Income annuity with an agent or to receive a free personalized illustration call 800-872-6684 or fill in the "Get My Free Quote" form in the upper right section of this page.

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