Benefits of Immediate Annuities: Pacific Life Updates Retirement Income White Paper

By Hersh Stern - Revised Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Dr. Mathew Greenwald’s white paper entitled “A New Generation Retirement Strategy” was recently revised by the commissioning company, Pacific Life. The white paper set out to examine and analyze a variety of factors affecting today’s retirees, including global, demographic and economic challenges. The paper’s findings suggest new approaches for producing efficient income, challenging traditional financial concepts and strategies.

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Dr. Greenwald asserts that a comfortable financial retirement requires the implementation of lifetime income strategies. His recommendations focus on two strategies:

  1. utilizing immediate annuities to provide a guaranteed, lifetime income stream and
  2. allocating a greater percentage of an investment portfolio to equities.

These strategies enable retirees to capture the inherent growth potential and inflation protection offered by equities and the stability of guaranteed income offered by immediate annuities.

Greenwald’s report includes illustrations of how the strategy benefits retirees in addition to information about immediate annuities.


“A New Generation Retirement Strategy”
Pacific Life

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