Lincoln Insured Income Immediate Annuity Review

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Lincoln Insured Income Immediate Annuity details

Issue Dates

Contracts are issued each regularly scheduled Lincoln Financial Group workday.

Issue information

Nonqualified and qualified:

1. 15 – 80 for lifetime-based payment options 2. 15 – 85 for lifetime-based payment options with a minimum guaranteed amount or number of payments 3. 0 – 95 for period certain

The age to the nearest birthday will be used when the contract is issued. Once the contract is issued, the annuitant/joint annuitant, payment option and the frequency of payments cannot be changed. The contract is irrevocable — there are no surrender provisions available.

Premium Requirements

Single premium, immediate income annuity:

1. Minimum: $25,000; Period Certain minimum: $10,000 2.Maximum: $2,000,000 without prior Home Office approval

Payment frequency

Monthly, quarterly, semiannual, annual

Payment start date

The first payment may occur anytime immediately following the contract issue date but no later than the first contract anniversary.

Death benefit

Deferral phase: no death benefit until payments start, at which point it will depend on the payment option. Lifetime-based payment options do not have any death benefit (at any time).

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I was hesitant at first to buy an annuity on the internet. Once I got your quote report and read your reviews I was happy I found your website. Your phone reps were always very helpful. You made the whole thing go really simple. Thank you guys!
Joe Murphy
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Income phase: death benefit, if any, is determined by the payment option elected.

Cost-of-living adjustment

An optional annual compounded increase of 1%, 2% or 3% can be elected at issue.

1. Increase applies after the first anniversary of the payment start date. 2. This option decreases the initial scheduled payment.

Annuity payout options

Income for One

Life Only. Receive guaranteed income payments for the rest of your life.

Life with cash refund. Lifetime payments until the death of the annuitant. If income payments have not totaled your initial premium at death, the difference will be paid to your beneficiaries as a lump sum.

Life with period certain. Receive payments for your lifetime OR a designated period, whichever is longer.

Life with installment refund. Lifetime payments until the death of the annuitant. If income payments have not totaled your initial premium at death, the difference will be paid to your beneficiaries in scheduled payments.

Income for Two

Joint and survivor life. Receive payments for the lifetime of both annuitants.

Joint and percentage to survivor life. Full payments until the first death and then a selected percentage of the original income is paid until the second death.

Contingent joint and percentage to survivor life. Full payments for the lifetime of the primary annuitant, or if that person dies, a percentage of payments are paid until the joint annuitant’s death.

Joint and survivor life with period certain. Lifetime payments for both lives or a designated period, whichever is longer.

Period Certain

Payments to the annuitant for a designated period of time. In the event of the death of the annuitant, payments continue to the beneficiaries for the duration of the time period chosen.

Today and Tomorrow

For more than 100 years, Lincoln Financial Group has inspired Americans to take charge of their futures. Today, 12 million Americans trust Lincoln Financial to help them build, protect and distribute their wealth during and after their lifetimes.

Discuss your long-term retirement goals with your advisor and ask how Lincoln Financial fits as part of your retirement strategy.


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