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Complete your retirement picture with guaranteed income

As you look to the future, take a moment to examine your savings and investment portfolio. Then ask yourself a few important questions:

  • What guaranteed sources of income do I have in place that I can count on to cover daily and discretionary expenses?
  • Do I have assets that I can use to purchase additional income if needed?
  • Would having an additional source of guaranteed income help me secure the retirement that I’ve always imagined?

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Asking these questions today can help ensure that your retirement picture isn’t missing a key source of income that can help you live comfortably in the future.

Just as a perfect photo has the right balance, the Brighthouse Income Annuity can help you attain the ideal view of your future through a balance of certainty and flexibility

What’s an income annuity?

An annuity, such as the Brighthouse Income Annuity, is a retirement tool that provides guaranteed retirement income either for you, or you and another person. You allocate a portion of your retirement assets to purchase the Brighthouse Income Annuity and your retirement income stream is guaranteed by the issuing company.

With a Brighthouse Income Annuity, you can:

  • Turn a portion of your assets into stable income—for you, or you and another person.
  • Experience more certainty. There’s no market risk. Market fluctuations will not cause a variation in your income payments.
  • Select the income payment option that’s right for you.
  • Choose the Increasing Income Option to help protect against inflation.
  • Access some of your future payments if the need arises with the Early Access Option.
  • Take advantage of favorable tax treatment when purchasing your annuity with after-tax assets.
  • Begin receiving your income payments right away.
  • Use your income for anything you like from everyday living expenses to hobbies and vacations.

Plan and Prepare

What do you picture for your future?

As you enter your retirement will you be spending time with family, learning a new hobby or traveling to new destinations? Now’s a good time to assess your finances to ensure you’ll have sufficient income to cover your activities and lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for diversification, to secure predictable income for life or for income to help cover some of your everyday expenses during retirement, an income annuity from Brighthouse Financial may be right for you.

A Brighthouse Income Annuity puts you in control of your future, providing you with a stable foundation of guaranteed income without market risk and without charges or fees.

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I was hesitant at first to buy an annuity on the internet. Once I got your quote report and read your reviews I was happy I found your website. Your phone reps were always very helpful. You made the whole thing go really simple. Thank you guys!
Joe Murphy
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Design and Customize

3 steps to secure guaranteed income.

Determine how much guaranteed income you need, whether you’d like income for one or two lives and which income payment option works best for you.

Purchase your Brighthouse Income Annuity with a single purchase payment using a portion of your retirement assets.

Receive guaranteed income payments for yourself, or for you and another person.

Focus on your future.

Consider the variety of income payment options the Brighthouse Income Annuity offers for creating a stream of tax-favored income when purchased with after-tax assets. Pick the income payment option that meets your needs most closely based on your financial priorities and interests, such as higher income payments today, leaving a legacy, income for you and another person and more.

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