Annuities the Right Option (When Annuities are Right for You)

While discriminating against a group of people is amoral, it’s important to understand that investing in an annuity is not for everyone. If you’re not part of the baby boomer generation, a woman or a middle-class worker, getting an annuity might not be your wisest decision. If you do fall under any of the above groups, however, a recently published article on urges you to invest in one today.

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Used primarily as part of a retirement plan, an annuity is a life insurance investment that guarantees you a fixed and stable income once you retire. It is dependent on a couple of factors, however.

“Needing an annuity depends on how old (or young) you are, the size of your assets, and how investment-savvy you are,” the article, An Annuity: Should You Get It?, reports. “And just like there isn’t one type of person who needs an annuity, there isn’t one universal type of annuity that is right for people who need them.”

As mentioned earlier, it is a prime time for baby boomers, women and the middle class to look into investing in an annuity because it would benefit them all in different ways. Women, for instance, live longer than men and are a “longevity risk.” With the investment, they will be able live comfortably while still maintaining an income.

If you fall into the following groups of people, however, an annuity investment would be senseless: the youth, the elderly, the rich and the poor. Simply put, these individuals simply don’t have enough money to invest in one or they don’t need the money, thus making it a worthless investment.

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“Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule,” the article reports. “This is why you should find a reputable insurance agent who can talk with you in depth about annuities and will help you decide whether or not an annuity would be truly beneficial for you.”

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