Annuity Tables

An annuity table can show you how much income you will earn on your investment under various payment options. An annuity table can also display the interest rates for CD-type annuities, fixed annuities, or equity-indexed annuities. Each of these annuity types addresses a different retirement need.

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Immediate Annuity Table

An annuity table for immediate annuities helps you estimate how much income you can expect from your investment at different ages. The immediate annuity tables in our publication, Annuity Shopper, show you the highest rates you can receive based on your deposit amount, age, gender, and type of payment option you choose. Fill out the calculator on the right to see an example of this.

Deferred Annuity Table

A deferred annuity is not influenced by the same factors as an immediate annuity. Generally, a deferred annuity table will display the interest rates you earn on your deposit (premium) for 'x' number of years. The deferred annuity tables at this web site show you the interest rates our insurance companies credit to your account in the first and subsequent years. (Some companies offer a higher "bonus" rate in the first year.)

Help with Annuity Tables

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