Fixed Annuities

A fixed annuity is one of the best investment options available for a conservative investor or for someone who may be uncomfortable with risking their deposit in the stock market. Generally, a fixed annuity earns interest that is guaranteed by the insurance company for a specific period of time.

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This investment — sometimes referred to as a 'tax-deferred annuity' — defers any taxes on the earnings until you make a withdrawal or begin receiving income from it. Fixed deferred annuities help you save for retirement through the power of tax-deferred compounding. Your annuity contract earns a safe, competitive return on a continually increasing balance.

Types of Fixed Annuities


This type of fixed annuity guarantees a level interest rate for each year up to 10 years. Somewhat like a Certificate of Deposit you can buy at a bank, this annuity guarantees a fixed interest rate for a specified period of time which you determine at the time you set up your annuity. Your interest rate does not change for the duration of the rate guarantee period you've selected. View our current interest rates for CD-type fixed annuities here.

Traditional Fixed Annuities

If you own a traditional fixed annuity, the insurance company "resets" the interest rate every year on the anniversary of your initial deposit, however, you can be assured that this rate will never be set lower than the company's minimum rate guarantee (usually between 1.5% to 3%). This annuity is different than the CD annuity described above, in that the interest rate you earn each year can fluctuate both up and down. With a CD annuity, your interest rate does not change for the duration of the rate guarantee period you've selected.

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Immediate Annuities

An immediate or "straight life" annuity is also sometimes referred to as a fixed annuity. However, it is a very different from the "deferred" fixed annuities described in the two paragraphs above. An immediate annuity will start making secure, guaranteed payments to you right away. If you are near retirement and/or wish to turn your 401K, IRA, or sale of a home into a secure, guaranteed income stream, an immediate annuity might be right for you. On the other hand, if you are still saving for retirement and want to grow your money with the power of tax-deferred compound interest, then the fixed deferred annuities are your best bet. Find more information about immediate annuities here.

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