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If you are thinking about selling your real estate and are considering selling it yourself in order to avoid paying real estate brokers' fees, consider that while almost 25 percent of homes sold last year were self-sold, almost half of the sellers would hire a real estate broker for the next go-round.

Self-sellers stated that the primary reason they would hire a real estate broker in the future was that the amount of time, paperwork, and extra energy needed to sell their real estate was almost unbearable considering the other daily responsibilities they needed to confront in life. In addition, while avoiding real estate broker fees, self-sellers needed to expend a fair amount of money in hiring independent contractors, consultants, legal professionals, inspectors, and others in order to complete the real estate sale, and many of these costs would have been included in real estate brokers' fees.

Brokers can also offer expertise that can get you a better price for your real estate. No one is better able to appropriately price and peddle your real estate than a real estate broker.

Before you decide to sell your real estate yourself, consider the following:

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1. Selling your piece of real estate will be a full-time job. Do you have the time to commit to its sale?

2. Many real estate buyers will think that because you are selling your real estate yourself, you are a ripe target for a good bargain. Are you prepared to deal with this kind of buyer?

3. Do you know enough about financing to discuss this aspect of real estate buying and selling with your prospects?

4. Are you fully acquainted with real estate law?

5. Do you have licensed and insured professionals that you can trust to do any necessary legal or material work as required by your real estate?

Unless you answered "yes" to each of the above questions, selling your real estate yourself is not the best option for you. Consider hiring a competent real estate broker.