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Company Start Date Rate Cost
AIG 2024-06-01 6.13% $204,917
USAA Life 2024-06-01 5.98% $522,539
Independent Life 2024-06-01 5.75% $163,379
Voya Life 2024-06-01 5.63% $64,043
Berkshire Hathaway 2024-06-03 5.64% $110,334
Berkshire Hathaway 2024-06-06 5.94% $145,832
Talcott Resolution 2024-06-10 6.00% $77,269

Many individuals are looking for a profitable financial vehicle for their hard-earned dollars. They can choose from a variety of products, each having its own level of risk and rate of return. However, more and more people are turning to a secondary market immediate annuity for their above average and secure returns. Below are frequently asked questions that can help you make an informed decision about this type of financial vehicle.

How Are These Financial Instruments Created?

A secondary market immediate annuity arises when the recipient of monthly structured payments wishes to receive a lump sum of money rather than wait for their scheduled payments. The original annuitant sells his or her right to receive future payments in exchange for the discounted present value of the future income stream.

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Why Should I Purchase a Secondary Market Immediate Annuity?

Buyers frequently turn to this type of financial product because they are able to achieve a higher rate of return. Since the original annuitant needs or wants cash now, they are willing to accept an amount of cash that is substantially less than the sum of all future payments. Essentially, you are able to gain access to a rate of return that is greater than a Certificate of Deposit, Municipal Bond, or other type of traditional low-risk investment.

When Do I Receive My Payments?

When purchasing a secondary market immediate annuity, you have the opportunity to select from a pool of annuities that feature varying terms, making it possible for you to find the earnings you are seeking, as well as a payment term that fits your individual needs.

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What Level Of Safety / Security Do These Instruments Offer?

As with any financial product, there is an inherent degree of risk that must be taken into consideration. Insurance companies, with AAA to A credit ratings from Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and/or A.M. Best, are the issuers of these instruments. The financial strength and stability of the insurance companies are among the many factors taken into consideration by the rating agencies.

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A secondary market immediate annuity can provide you with the rate of return you need. Take advantage of this instrument today by working with an experienced and seasoned financial professional. You can review the tables below, and call 1-866-866-1999 with any questions.