In-Force Annuity Overview

Individuals who are searching for a profitable financial vehicle featuring consistent and above-average returns are frequently turning to an in-force annuity. With these types of financial products, a buyer has the ability to meet both their short and long-term financial goals.

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In-Force Annuity Overview

These annuities are particularly beneficial due to their rate of return and security. An in-force annuity arises when an original annuitant no longer has a desire to receive structured, monthly payments over an extended period of time, and prefers to get a lump sum of cash today. The original annuitant sells their legal rights in these payments to a company, which then turns around and sells them to other individuals or businesses looking for a great financial product.

A savvy person is able to acquire these payments at a substantial discount, resulting in an above-average return on the instrument. While traditional financial products can yield a low rate of return that is comparable to a savings account or Certificate of Deposit, an in-force annuity commonly provides an overall return close to 7%.

The Safety & Security of This Financial Product

More and more individuals are seeking alternatives to the stock market. A secondary market immediate annuity is an instrument that is overseen and issued by reputable and seasoned insurance companies with high credit ratings from notable rating agencies, such as A.M. Best, Moody's and Standard & Poors. These companies have been reviewed for their ability to disburse structured payments at the agreed upon intervals and satisfy claims.

Purchasing An In-Force Annuity

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The seller, along with their legal advisors, will have taken the time to confirm the validity of the instrument, in order to ensure that the legal right to receive future payments is completed correctly and with the full authority of all parties involved. The recording of your name as the true and rightful contract owner is also verified.

There are no fees associated with purchasing a secondary market immediate annuity, since the original annuitant has already incurred them. When you acquire this type of financial product, you need only remit the principal quoted.

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You have the opportunity to gain access to an above-average rate of return by purchasing the right to receive the future payments of a secondary market immediate annuity. You can review the tables below, and if you have any questions, contact at 1-866-866-1999.

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