Pre-owned Annuities

Are you searching for a financial product that can provide you with safety and security, as well as a rate of return that is worth the investment of your hard-earned dollars? Then a pre-owned annuity may fit your needs.

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Overview of a Pre-Owned Annuity

Annuity owners who are ready to sell the legal right to their structured, monthly payments will turn to the secondary market to convert them into a lump sum cash payment. The transfer of these rights creates a pre-owned annuity, which can provide an individual with a steady stream of future income, as well as a healthy rate of return.

Above-Average Rate of Return vs. Traditional Low-Yielding Investments One of the major advantages of purchasing a pre-owned annuity is your ability to acquire these payments at a sizeable discount. Original annuitants are willing to part with a large portion of their annuity value, all in exchange for a smaller, lump-sum cash payment. Each of the original annuity terms, including the interest rate, scheduled payment dates and the payment amount, will remain unaltered for the duration of the annuity.

A pre-owned annuity offers an above-average rate of return because you are able to invest less money today and receive the rate of return you need on your invested dollars. The meager rate of return that banks are offering on savings deposits, as well as Certificates of Deposit, makes this financial vehicle even more lucrative.

Calculating the Present Value of The Annuity

Before the annuity can be bought and sold, the present value of the financial instrument must first be established. The balance of the future payments, the interest rate associated with the annuity and the number of payments that remain are all taken into consideration in order to structure an amicable purchase offer. The investment is then sold to another party, with everyone benefiting from the transaction – the new owner is able to make a profit from the future payments, while the seller receives the cash they need.

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Taking Advantage of These Opportunities Today

By working with an experienced and reputable professional, you have the opportunity to purchase an asset that fits well with your financial goals. A secondary market immediate annuity can offer you the above-average return you are looking for. You can view the current rates on the tables below. If you have any questions, you can call 866-866-1999 (

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