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Today's Best
Fixed Index Annuities

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Fixed Index Annuity table
Company / Product Cap Rate Bonus Yrs.
Great AmericanAmerican Legend III 5.40% N/A 7
Midland NationalEndeavor 8 5.35% N/A 8
SymetraSymetra Edge Pro 7 5.00% N/A 7
ProtectiveProtective Indexed Annuity II 7 4.60% N/A 7
SymetraSymetra Edge Pro 5 4.50% N/A 5
ProtectiveProtective Indexed Annuity II 5 4.50% N/A 5

Today's Best
Deferred Annuity Rates

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Deferred Annuity table
Company / Product Rate Yrs.
Atlantic Coast LifeSafe Haven 103.60%10
Oxford LifeMulti-Select 93.10%9
Oxford LifeMulti-Select 83.20%8
Atlantic Coast LifeSafe Haven 73.49%7
Atlantic Coast LifeSafe Haven 63.37%6
Atlantic Coast LifeSafe Haven 53.30%5
Oxford LifeMulti-Select 42.55%4

Today's Best
Secondary Market Annuities

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Secondary Market Annuity table
Company Start Date Rate Cost
Symetra Life 2017-12-03 4.00% $163,320
Hartford 2017-12-12 4.00% $144,247
Hartford 2017-12-25 3.50% $85,219
Mutual of 2018-01-01 4.31% $61,750
John Hancock 2018-01-01 4.03% $1,079,949
NW Mutual 2018-01-01 3.80% $33,457
CNA Life 2018-01-01 3.64% $77,556